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h l lee Comment by h l lee on June 4, 2011 at 5:57am

would like to know more. I am very much for the ideology especially now when there is talk about charging kid even to use the park. London will suffer the most.  how about coming to our big lunch this sunday@ 1pm. direction from our website.
               I would like to invit you and a team who believe in natural health to be in the advisory committee/ external consultant or be in our managment committee- perhaps with the help of online forum meeting room like ‘The Blue Gym.  Failing that you and your organisation may like to be co-funding applicants.

                  We would like to apply for EU Life: Environment and Health Action Plan[ Deadline= 18 July, 2011] co-funded with others like NHS and other trust funds.  Like other EU fund, partnering with other European Countries is necessary.  If successful the project will start next year.
                The  starting argument is that existing medical technologies and Pharmacology is high carbon industries. That the alternative- natural adventure, blue and green gym. the preventative environmental type we are proposing with the suggested feature detailed in Exhibit 1 are within the remit of the funding below.  It will be better value for money when considering Carbon footprint whilst also been value for money when health is taken to be physical, social, mental and spiritual, preventative and rehabilative.

                     The same project can be tweeked under a different funding application where the deathline will be 30 August, 2011……

Yours sincerely
H. LiLing Lee
Chair & Founding Director


Roger Goulding Comment by Roger Goulding on June 13, 2010 at 1:33pm
Help us spread these types of smiles across the nation!!!

Donate at to help us fund local initiatives which help tackle physical & mental health issues, social inequality and isolation through positive activities on and by the BLUE GYM!

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