Psycho-physiological responses to indoor cycling in different environments

Physical activity can have a host of benefits for both mental and physical health. In this we are trying to understand more about the particular benefits of exercising in different environmen…

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Blue space: The importance of water for preference, affect, and restorativeness ratings of natural and built scenes

Although theorists have suggested that aquatic environments or “blue space” might have particular restorative potential, to date there is little systematic empirical research on this issue. Indeed…

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Does living by the coast improve health and wellbeing?

This study used data from the UK’s census to examine how health varied across the country and has found that people are more likely to have good health the closer they live to the sea.

As p…

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The Blue Gym: Health and Wellbeing from Our Coasts

Our coastal seas have been heavily impacted by human activities, especially over the last 150 years. In the course of trying to understand ocean–atmosphere interactions, ecosystem dynamics and the…

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The beach as a setting for families’ health promotion

This multi method project involving in-depth interviews with 15 families with children aged 8-11 years living in Cornwall and Devon is exploring the following issues:

  • how families sp…
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