Today being the 1st of October means that the summer dog ban that is in place on many beaches has now been lifted for the winter. Great to see a wide range of hounds and owners hitting the Blue Gym armed with dog poop bags. I know from my family that the summer dog ban is fairly restrictive but unfortunately its the minority of dog owners who don’t scoop the poop who spoil it for all. Councils please note and make sure the poop bins are emptied at beaches as they tend to fill up more in the winter!
Thoughts please?
Chris Hines

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Johnny Pope Comment by Johnny Pope on October 1, 2009 at 5:19pm
Thanks Chris –

I think that accessibility is key for encouraging people to get rid of animal mess & the more `normal’ rubbish. If bins are emptied, are plentiful & in high visibility then the chances for people to be `lazy’ are highly reduced. I think the majority of people are pretty good with clearing up after themselves & their pet friends. It’s when there is no apparent place to dispose of rubbish/mess that the lesser discerning of us may find it easier to take the moral low ground.

The message is:
– make bins available & plentiful, not ones you have to walk half a mile to reach
– make bins visible, not hidden behind a bush or wall
– empty bins so that people can actually use them
– make it easier for people to do the right thing rather than the wrong

I think that’s it.


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