About Blue Gym

The Blue Gym is about enjoying our water environment thanks fitoru reviews!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert in a sport, whether you just want to go for a walk next to the sea or rivers, to learn about and watch wildlife, or get into more challenging activities, the Blue Gym is for you. Remember the best sailor, surfer or rock pool rambler is the one having the most fun!

The Blue Gym will create an information hub and showcase to encourage activities and usage of the coastline and inland waters. It will help make water accessible and relevant to everyone.

Regular contact with the natural environment results in many benefits including:

– Reduction in Stress
– Increased Physical Activity and therefore fitness
– Stronger Communities
– An increased awareness of the value of the natural environment

For you and other people, the Blue Gym is a chance to learn about new sports, activities and interests. It also gives you the chance to meet like-minded people, join groups or clubs and find and share videos, pictures and thoughts around anything to do with water. For those who already take part in a sport or activity it can be a great chance to encourage and teach others and to pass on some of that feel good factor that you get from the water. One of my best friends is someone who I taught to surf after he’d had a heart attack. He’s now in the water all year round and he’s loads fitter!

For organisations, clubs and even just loose groups, it gives a chance to show-case what you’re up to, attract new members, exchange information about events, campaigns and communicate with everyone out there.

The Blue Gym is a Peninsula Medical School initiative supported by the Environment Agency and Natural England and the Department of Health.


Blue Mile

The Blue Mile is a great project that aims to get thousands of people participating in a mile of physical activity in the Blue Gym.

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